How to access divisions in master database

You see a locus map (just like a reference map in Map viewer) once you click 'nucleic acid' or 'amino acid' phrase of 'Show prepared divisios' section.
There are two modes of the page, java mode (see 1.) and image mode (see 2.).

1. java mode

This is a default (and an initial) mode. In this mode, you access prepared divisions by the following operation.

1.1. menu bar

It locates on the top of the viewer. Items of the menu bar, which extracts a data set or changes drawing style of the map, are changed by the most left menu. The followings are functions of the items.

1.1.1. data menu

You can access the speified data of the specified locus. If you click one of the filled boxes of loci, the box darkens and it means that the locus is chosen. In the case of a circular genome, loci are drawn by thick arcs, and an arc is enclosed by a red fin-shape if you click one.
Then you can see the specified type of data by clicking the corresponding button in the menu.

1.1.2. font menu

You can change a font (face, style, and size) which is used to draw loci names and scales in the map.

1.1.3. redraw menu

You can force to redraw the graphic by selecting this item.

1.2. map graphic

At the center of the page a map of loci is displayed by almost the same style of reference map in Map viewer .

1.3. links to full-length genome division data

Links to data of full-length genome division are prepared below the map graphic. Available data types are same as those in data menu .

2. image mode

In this mode, map is displayed by a JPEG image file instead of JAVA. You can use the mode by clicking '[image mode]' at the bottom of the java-mode page.
In this mode, the map graphic does not have a function. Instead, a table of links for each data type for each locus is displayed below the map graphic. Available data types are same as those in data menu in java mode.

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