Notice for users

for Macintosh users

Macintosh users may have a problem if they access any viewer of 'java mode". They may not go to next page, although they choose a region/locus/node correctly and then click a button. (The page is simply re-drawn.)
We found that it occures if users use Internet Explorer on Mac OS X. There are two ways to avoid it.
  1. Use image mode of each viewer, which is linked the '[image mode]' phrase at the bottom of the page.
  2. Use Safari (the default WWW browser of Mac OS X) instead of IE.

for account mode users

In some browsers/platforms, users may be required to type in their user-names and passwords again when they access to one of the 'java-mode' pages (Tree viewer, Map viewer, and 'Show prepared divisions' pages) for the first time. It may be a specification of browsers, so that please type again (sorry for your inconvenience). Once you re-type your account, it will not occure again until you quit the browser.

for all users

The HVDB use pop-up windows to display retrieved data in many situations. So that users may have a problem if they set up their browsers to forbid to open pop-up windows. Please set up your browser to be able to open the pop-ups for HVDB server.

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